Jase Randolph wins on Friday at Creek County Speedway. Photo by Richard Bales.

Randolph earns first OCRS win in rain-shortened feature

Randolph led all 15 laps before rain started falling


KELLYVILLE, Oklahoma (May 24, 2019) - Rookie Jase Randolph made it look easy Friday night at Creek County Speedway. Randolph jumped from the outside front row and led start-to-finish to win the Ameri-Flex / OCRS Sprint feature.


It was the first OCRS career victory for Randolph in just his fourth start in OCRS competition. 


Randolph was chased early on by Brandon James with Joe Wood, Jr. in third. After a lap three yellow that involved Wood, Sheldon Barksdale passed James for second. Defending champion Alex Sewell followed in third and the three held those positions until rain began falling midway through the race. The track finally became too slick on lap 15 and the race was checkered and called complete.


​Andrew Deal finished fourth followed by Zach Chappell in fifth. Tim Kent earned the York Plumbing Hard Charger award for his 8th place finish after starting 19th. 

Kenneth Walker was involved in a B feature crash with Joe Bob Lee that sent Walker into a series of end-over-end flips at the end of the backstretch. Lee's car was also heavily damaged. Walker was shaken up and taken to the hospital for a checkup. He was later released and reported to be home and doing fine. ​

Ameri-Flex OCRS Results

Creek County Speedway

May 24, 2019


Car count: 42


Drive Shafts, Inc. Heat 1 (8 Laps)

1, 50-Brandon James[2]. 2, 8-Alex Sewell[5]. 3, 20S-Sheldon Barksdale[7]. 4, 911-Waylon Weaver[4]. 5, 32-James Esmond[3]. 6, 77-JC Wilson[6]. 7, 531-Daniel Abrams[1].


Bravado Wireless Heat 2 (8 Laps)

1, 15D-Andrew Deal[1]. 2, 2W-Whit Gastineau[3]. 3, 9$-Kyle Clark[5]. 4, 5-Joe Bob Lee[6]. 5, 10K-Kevin Brewer[4]. 6, 55M-Corey McGehee[2]. 7, 62-James Shoun[7].


Car and Fleet Parts Heat 3 (8 Laps)

1, 31-Casey Wills[3]. 2, 11M-Michael Tyre[2]. 3, 4PM-Travis Jenkins[4]. 4, 22T-Frank Taft[1]. 5, 18J-Cody Jarvis[5]. 6, 97-Kevin Cummings[7]. 7, 24-Ben Frey[6].


Car and Fleet Parts Heat 4 (8 Laps)

1, P78-Perry Pickard[2]. 2, 15-Jase Randolph[5]. 3, 4-Robert Sellers[4]. 4, 25c-Joshua Tyre[1]. 5, 9-Kinzer Edwards[7]. 6, 222-Jaiden Hughes[3]. 7, 55-Johnny Kent[6].


OCRS Heat 5 (8 Laps)

1, 50Z-Zach Chappell[2]. 2, 7F-Noah Harris[4]. 3, 22-David Stephenson[3]. 4, 79-Tim Kent[5]. 5, 88-Terry Easum[1]. 6, 777-Bailey Hughes[6]. 7, 1-Casey Buechler[7].


OCRS Heat 6 (8 Laps)

1, 03-Joe Wood Jr.[3]. 2, 2K-Kenneth Walker[1]. 3, 5$-Danny Smith[4]. 4, 53-Brett Wilson[5]. 5, 22C-Charlie Crumpton[2]. 6, 11-Avery Goodman[7]. 7, 6-Alison Slaton[6].


Wesmar B FEATURE  (12 Laps)

1, 11M-Michael Tyre[1]. 2, 4PM-Travis Jenkins[5]. 3, 5$-Danny Smith[3]. 4, 79-Tim Kent[9]. 5, 55-Johnny Kent[25]. 6, 10K-Kevin Brewer[15]. 7, 97-Kevin Cummings[17]. 8, 911-Waylon Weaver[11]. 9, 777-Bailey Hughes[21]. 10, 22C-Charlie Crumpton[19]. 11, 22T-Frank

Taft[13]. 12, 1-Casey Buechler[29]. 13, 6-Alison Slaton[27]. 14, 222-Jaiden Hughes[23]. 15, 22-David Stephenson[7].


Wesmar B FEATURE  (12 Laps)

1, 53-Brett Wilson[4]. 2, 4-Robert Sellers[2]. 3, 9-Kinzer Edwards[5]. 4, 25c-Joshua Tyre[6]. 5, 88-Terry Easum[10]. 6, 18J-Cody Jarvis[7]. 7, 55M-Corey McGehee[12]. 8, 24-Ben Frey[14]. 9, 11-Avery Goodman[8]. 10, 62-James Shoun[13]. 11, 32-James Esmond[9]. 12, 77-JC Wilson[11]. 13, 531-Daniel Abrams[15]. 14, 2K-Kenneth Walker[1]. 15, 5-Joe Bob Lee[3].


Ameriflex Hose and Accessories A FEATURE  (15 Laps)

1, 15-Jase Randolph[2]. 2, 20S-Sheldon Barksdale[4]. 3, 8-Alex Sewell[8]. 4, 15D-Andrew Deal[10]. 5, 50Z-Zach Chappell[6]. 6, 31-Casey Wills[7]. 7, 5$-Danny Smith[17]. 8, 79-Tim Kent[19]. 9, 9$-Kyle Clark[12]. 10, 53-Brett Wilson[14]. 11, 9-Kinzer Edwards[18]. 12, 03- Joe Wood Jr.[3]. 13, 50-Brandon James[1]. 14, P78-Perry Pickard[5]. 15, 4PM-Travis Jenkins[15]. 16, 2W-Whit Gastineau[11]. 17, 4-Robert Sellers[16]. 18, 18J-Cody Jarvis[22]. 19, 11M-Michael Tyre[13]. 20, 22C-Charlie Crumpton[21]. 21, 7F-Noah Harris[9]. 22, 25c-Joshua Tyre[20].


Lap Leaders: Jase Randolph 1-15.
Margin of victory: 1.500 seconds.


Contingency Award Recipients:


Ameri-Flex Hose A Feature Winner: Jase Randolph

Drive Shafts Inc. Heat Award Recipient: Brandon James.

Bravado Wireless Heat Award Recipient: Andrew Deal.

Car & Fleet Heat Award Recipient: Casey Wills, Perry Pickard.

York Plumbing Hard Charger Award: Tim Kent +11.

M&W Aluminum Hard Luck Award: Kenneth Walker, Joe Bob Lee.
Amsoil High Point  Driver Award: Casey Wills.

Rod End Supply Recipients: Kinzer Edwards, Joe Wood, Jr., Brandon James.
Wesmar Racing Engines Recipient: Michael Tyre, Brett Wilson.


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