New Safety Bars and Underwear Rules
Safety Bar added for 2021 season 

TULSA, Okla. (DECEMBER 12, 2019) - The Oil Capital Racing Series in alliance with the Sprint Car Council will be implementing changes with the addition of a support bar to the existing sprint car chassis for the 2021 season. The changes are a result of meetings with the National Chassis Manufacturers and the Sprint Car Council last year where driver safety was the main topic.


Also, all underwear and racing shoes must be worn at all times while in the car (Underwear consists of head sock, shirts, and pants).

Uniform rules will be in effect at the start of the 2020 season.


Support Bar requirements


  1. Support Bar may be designed similar to what was know as a “safety Bar”. It must be attached to the top rail at a point 15” to 20” from the rear of the front upright. It must attach to the hip rail and have a gusset attached to the rear upright near a point opposite of the rear brace/shock mount Bar. The curve must be between 4” and 7” measured from outside of the rear upright tube to the outside of the Support Bar. See Diagram 1.

  2. Existing chassis with a left side support Bar installed (formerly called safety bar) that do not meet the option one specification above, may add a gusset that attaches to the top rail 15” to 20” from the rear of the front upright and angle to the support bar. The existing support bar tubing must meet the minimum as described above (1.375 x .083 ASTM4130 normalized steel or equivalent material). See Diagram 2.

  3. A support bar may be added to the top rail at a point 15” to 20” from the rear of the front upright and to the rear upright near a point of the rear brace/shock mount bar but no higher than 7” above the hip rail. This bar may have a slight curve near the rear upright to accommodate elbow room and ease of fitment. See Diagram 3.

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